Annual Superstar Winners – Team of the Year

13th February 2018

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The Team of the Year Award focusses on the contribution our front line and support teams makes to their employers, their clients and their communities.

The winning entries have all demonstrated excellence and commitment to innovation, staff development and continual learning.

Sponsored by the only independent UK crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers, please join us in congratulating our worthy winners: 

First Place: The Events Team

For us, the Events Team personify the ‘never say never’ attitude we look for within our people. They achieve this through hard work, craft, and an absolute passion for the roles that they complete. Many members of the team have delivered exceptional standards for decades to a number of prestigious venues with their approachable, friendly and professional nature. Clients trust, rely upon and consider the teams ‘one of their own’ – a very hard act to follow and impossible to imitate. Reputation goes a long way in this market and we thank you hugely for your hard work and determination throughout 2017.

Second Place: Eurotunnel

Third Place: Alstom Ireland Transport

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