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13th June 2018

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A new innovative way to help our contracts

Video content is huge, during 2017 it represented 74% of all internet traffic, and it is only continuing to grow throughout 2018.

At Carlisle we pride ourselves in spearheading innovation to better our services for our clients and their customers, therefore it made perfect sense for us to tap into this knowledge of video content and utilize it to better our services.

Optimize is a new tool that we are pleased to be able to offer our existing and new contracts, it is a video-based briefing platform that is usable across all devices and enables our contract management teams to personally and effectively communicate with their teams, clients and job seekers.

The platform can be used for multiple purposes as detailed below:

Video Situational Assessments

Situational Awareness Assessments are a great way of allowing employees to be given initial awareness training on typical incidents that they may face in their new role. Whilst also providing experienced employees with the opportunity to revisit live examples of such incidents and refresh themselves on appropriate actions to be taken.

Not only do these assessments help our employees to be better prepared for incidents that can happen, thus improving upon our clients and customers safety, but also our contract managers have full visibility of who has seen and completed these assessments and can therefore push to ensure the remaining employees complete theirs also.

Video Contract Briefings

The contract briefing tool is a video-based download that provides employees with either a clear understanding of what is expected/needed for an upcoming contract/event or to debrief employees following an event or specific contract period to acknowledge a job well done or highlight lessons learnt.

From these, each employee would have to respond by simply typing confirm into a text box, which they can do on any device they are viewing the video on, they also have the opportunity to provide their own feedback following a debrief video which may then help to enhance our services on future contracts or events.

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