A new FLEET for Rail – Front Line Engagement & Enforcement Training

16th November 2018

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I am proud to have been part of a project that has taken 2 years to bring to fruition to deliver a new and innovative rail security package, which we have christened FLEET – Front Line Engagement and Enforcement Training.

Working with our partners at Merseyrail Electrics and JRC Training we have created a new and progressive training experience for front line operatives. We wanted to create a meaningful and thought provoking course that changed mind-sets as opposed to just transferring knowledge.

Modern rail security is evolving all the time and the ability to engage is now just as important as the skills to enforce. The risk and threat profile is changing and we decided to make a stand to recognise the core issues of mental health, decision making and increasing disability awareness with enhancing customer service at its core.

The training aims to change mind-sets around traditional decision making and teaches staff to use recognised models to deal with situations from a proven scientific standpoint. We then layered into the training aspects of mental health and disability awareness so we can make that all important first contact an effective and positive one. With the prevalence of suicides on UK rail the need to get this right has never been more important.

Our officers are trained to engage and empathise as a first point of contact which in itself heightens customer experience or reduces conflict at source depending upon the clientele we encounter.

Engaging with customers is key. To understand the issue in hand comes first, to establish the facts first and to contextualise circumstances then makes the choice to engage or enforce a more intelligent one. The ability and context of enforcement is vital to optimising customer experience. Byelaw training and hot topics like use of force are taught to our staff so they are provided with a modern arsenal of skills to deal professionally with the vibrant and ever changing environment of modern rail.

The results speak for themselves with incidents being dealt with more effectively and customer compliments on the rise. The feedback from the officers has been exceptional too. They have described it as the best training they have ever had and a “true game changer” for how they deal with the public.

Their progress is monitored with diaries and forums to keep up the momentum and help them leverage group experience. They will learn together and share their evolving competencies as they use their newly acquired skills and technologies like our Zone-IT NFC system for logging Landsec patrolling requirements and body worn surveillance to capture key service data and intelligence.

By equipping them with a logical framework to make decisions and a layered approach to awareness of key threats, risk and societal issues they will encounter, the team are a credit to the trainer, the client and Carlisle.

I would like to thank Neil Hutchison Head of Security and Lee Phillips Senior Security Advisor from Merseyrail Electrics for wanting to change the world, as well as Jim Ferran for his inspirational training techniques and passion in turning our dreams into reality and Jeff Higham for his drive to create a team that continues to set standards others seek to imitate.

If you would like to know more about our journey and results then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be only too pleased to share.

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