CSS deliver a successful Cheltenham Festival under unique circumstances

26th March 2020

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COVID-19 has monopolised the worlds thoughts recently, especially considering the recent Government announcements. We wanted to shine some light on this bad situation and showcase how amazing our employees are reacting and carrying themselves through these tough times.

The Cheltenham Festival is always a unique and challenging event, but our amazing events teams always work through it to make each year a success.

This year’s event was under very different and unique circumstances, with the COVID-19 pandemic gaining traction quickly, it was looking likely that this event would be the last horse racing event for the foreseeable future. By the last day of the event it had become a reality, with the government announcing that all large events were to be cancelled. Throughout all this uncertainty and fear, our 350 strong events team continued to work as hard as ever to ensure that all guests enjoyed themselves whilst also focusing on the health and safety of all those around them. We couldn’t have delivered a successful event without every single person and for that we are extremely grateful.

At the end of each Cheltenham event the leadership and management teams select people that have gone above and beyond throughout the festival to win a Steward of the Festival award. This year saw three people selected:

Antonia Butcher – Antonia was selected for her adaptability and willingness to take on any role throughout the festival.

Thank you, Antonia, for having such a great attitude and work ethic.
Molly Osment – Several people commented on how Molly helped customers who had too much to drink, keeping them safe when in a vulnerable state.

Thank you, Molly, for your care and compassion that shone through on this day.
Nick Higgs – Nick’s work carried out behind the scenes, often unsupported, is a key part to a successful operational delivery, ensuring that our staff go out fully equipped to deliver their duties and at the end of the day ensuring they can get off shift quickly and effectively.

Thank you, Nick, for your tireless commitment to your duties and our company.

We are certain that there are more challenging times ahead of us all, especially within the events industry. We are grateful to all our staff within the Retail, Security and Cleaning sectors who are working tirelessly to help these key businesses at this unprecedented time. Although our events teams have seen a downturn of work due to the cancellation of all events, we are working hard to continue to provide alternative vacancies across our other sectors to fill their growing needs.

Our alternative opportunities can be seen on our website here https://www.carlislesupportservices.com/alternative-opportunities/.

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