Our Covid-19 Heroes – Security and Events North

10th May 2020

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Meet members of the Security and Events North team, the current worthy winners, and holders of our Division of the Year Award. As a result of their award, the division was given £1,000 to spend on anything they like, typically in the shape of a function or team gift.

What they have decided to do with their prize, however, is truly remarkable. Noting that one of our contracts within this division is with The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, we’re extremely moved that the decision has been made to donate the full £1,000 to the NHS. As a further gesture, the business has decided to match this donation, resulting in £2,000 to the NHS on the behalf of Carlisle Support Services.

We’re hopeful that the NHS can utilise this money to further support the efforts and staff who are putting their lives on the line for all of us, day in and day out.

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