Carlisle Support Services partnership with A Matter of Choice

14th April 2021

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National consultancy A Matter of Choice launched its ground-breaking leadership report last week, with support from senior representatives of Carlisle Support Services.

The online event saw founders of A Matter of Choice Karen Powell and Lesley Heath unveil the powerful research that they have been undertaking throughout the course of the pandemic in a bid to capture the thought and decision-making process from senior leaders across a number of sectors.

What has Covid-19 meant for leaders? Leaders have had to get used to restrictions, juggling child and , working from the kitchen table, having to make quick decisions in circumstances never experienced before, and above all, making sure teams are safe and looked after. The implications for leaders in this new era have been huge.

With a combined 50 years of experience in senior HR, Safety and Exec roles in complex organisations such as Asda, Royal Mail, and railway franchises such as Merseyrail and West Midlands Trains, A Matter of Choice saw this opportunity to gain real-time insight from senior leaders during such an uncertain time.

Research Project

Joining them on their research project were a number of senior leaders representing industries such as transport, support services, emergency services, healthcare and PR and marketing to name just a few. Participants captured their insights from the last 12 months, supported and guided by the team at A Matter of Choice, and this data was then analysed and used to inform a Leadership Report – the first of its kind to be produced in this current climate.

From conversations, anecdotes and interviews, Karen and Lesley were able to identify 10 key mindsets needed for leaders to thrive in times of such uncertainty. These mindsets and values have not only been able to carry leadership throughout the pandemic but will be critical when it comes to transitioning back to the workplace in this new post-covid reality.

On April 8, to an audience of leaders from across the UK, A Matter of Choice revealed these findings for the first time with those senior leaders involved in the report talking candidly about their personal experiences, development and learnings from the current global crisis. A panel of leaders, including our CEO, Paul Evans, Managing Director, Adrian White and Commercial Director, Martin Woollam also discussed audience questions around these clear and identifiable mindsets and provided insight into how workplaces and work culture will change going forward.

To give leaders and organisations an opportunity to explore the findings of the report and these key mindsets in more detail with Karen and Lesley, A Matter of Choice have integrated this research into a series of upcoming workshops which include understanding self, understanding our impact on others, and understanding our strengths for women in the workplace.

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