Carlisle celebrates 23 years of continued service with Tottenham Hotspur

2nd November 2023

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Carlisle Support Services celebrates 23 years of continued service with Tottenham Hotspur, whose stadium was recently awarded the World Football Summit’s Best Venue Award and is home to the world renowned Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, as well as NFL, and countless other world class concerts and leisure events.

Having delivered staffing and stewarding solutions to White Hart Lane for 18 years, Carlisle Support Services were awarded full security oversight across the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium campus when construction commenced.

As an integrated security and events partner, Carlisle Support Services continues to provide comprehensive stewarding solutions from access control and search to build phase security and customer support.

In addition, Carlisle oversees security operations across the stadium’s extensive grounds. This includes Lilywhite House offices, the Tottenham Experience, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Hotspur Way Training Ground and player accommodation at The Lodge as well as the London Academy of Excellence, an on-site 6th form academy.

Carlisle Support Services’ CEO Paul Evans said:

“This long-standing partnership is a testimony to our commitment to service excellence and we couldn’t be prouder to support the delivery of safe and memorable world class event experiences at such an iconic venue.

We are also pleased to provide employment opportunities alongside the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation to drive positive change within the local communities and develop the leaders of tomorrow.”

A current staff member at Carlisle that recently undertook a customer service funded programme commented:

“Not only did the program help me get a great role within Carlisle, but also provided future development opportunities and a deeper understanding into customer service.”

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium benefits from on-site 24/7 managerial support covering regular patrols and a CCTV room with over 750 cameras installed as part of the mobilisation process in 2018. With a core emphasis on developing exceptional people, Carlisle Support Services is experiencing high staff retention rates on site which boosts the excellent customer service the prestigious brand is now associated with.

When asked about Carlisle Support Service’s performance, Tottenham Hotspur’s Stadium Director, Jon Babbs, said:

“It is my genuine belief that this is the most dedicated, solution driven team I have had the good fortune to be part of. Long may this partnership continue.”

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