Carlisle Support Services introduces an enhanced benefits package for expecting parents 

28th June 2024

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With aims at supporting new and expecting parents, Carlisle Support Services has made the decision to enhance current policies to promote better benefits for all staff.  

The company recently introduced an enhanced maternity policy that will provide employees better support and flexibility, ensuring everyone’s personal circumstances can be met. Similarly, staff members will also benefit from an improved paternity offering which provides one week of full pay followed by a secondary week of statuary pay as new parents adjust to this life-changing event.

Alongside the new enhanced package, all staff will have access to adoption leave that will offer parents who have chosen to adopt the same benefits as the enhanced maternity / paternity policies.  

Carlisle has also decided to introduce paid leave for miscarriage support. According to Tommy’s charity, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage, therefore the new policies will support employees during this difficult time and remove unnecessary pressure to return to work after such events.  

On the introduction of the newly enhanced policies, Carlisle’s HR Director Suzanne Hawkins, said:  

Samantha Patching, Head of HR, Carlisle Support Services, added:  

Events Manager, Ruth Ripley, who has advocated for these new policies has said: 

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