Carlisle Superstar Awards 2020

The winners of our 2019 Quarterly Superstar Awards are invited to our Annual Superstar Awards held the following year. Held on 06 February 2020 at Ascot Racecourse, our winners of each category are detailed below.

Caring Passionately For All
Employee of the Year
. . . . . .

Alexandru Suciu
West Midlands Trains

Alex dealt with a distressing incident recently when on shift when he noticed a young lady standing in front of the yellow line on the platform. He politely informed her that she needed to stand behind the yellow line due to fast trains going through the station. However, as he carried on his duties, he looked back and saw the lady was still standing at the edge of the platform, with a fast train approaching. He ran back towards her as she went to jump in front of the train.

Unfortunately, Alex was not able to stop the train hitting her, but he immediately called security and comforted her until the emergency services arrived on site. Alex does a great job at Milton Keynes Central station; he goes out of his way to help anybody where he can.

Customer at the Heart
Employee of the Year
. . . . . .

Gary Douglas
West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Gary is deployed as a Customer Care Officer at the Halifax Bus Station. During a recent patrol, Gary heard loud screams which led him to the toilets where a female was being physically and verbally attacked by a male. Gary moved the female into the toilets to keep her safe, where the female stated the male was her boyfriend who has Schizophrenia and could be carrying a knife.

Gary was able to calm the male down but remained vigilant whilst awaiting police response. Once police arrived and arrested the male, they discovered he was not carrying a knife. Gary remained calm and was able to handle the situation in a professional manner. Having the knowledge and understanding of how to deal with serious incidents of this nature, he is a credit to Carlisle and the contract.

Promise-Based Culture
Employee of the Year
. . . . . .

Ricky Bennett
Arriva Rail London

Ricky was a Senior Supervisor running a single site operation for Transport for London, before joining Carlisle and becoming our Contract Manager for ARL. With this role Ricky had to embark on a major service transition where all operatives changed their roles, eight additional staff were TUPE’d over and the contract also required an additional ten positions to be covered with three weeks’ notice.

During this time, Ricky was also tasked with mobilising a trial service which was a great success, and on top of this, Ricky had to continue his day-to-day role of managing the contract. What impresses us most about Ricky is that he still has an eye on the future, with a plan and objectives for himself.

Sector-Based Expert
Employee of the Year
. . . . . .

Billy Weston

Billy was recently commended by Detective Constable Blackbourne of Merseyside Police for his assistance and diligence during a high-profile police investigation. Billy spent several hours sat with officers reviewing CCTV footage using his excellent knowledge of the system and took it upon himself to continue searching to eventually find the perpetrator in question. This is only a snapshot of the work Billy does on a regular basis, he is a phenomenal member of our team.

Contract Manager of the Year
. . . . . .

Jeff Higham and Angie Taylor

Contract Team of the Year
. . . . . .

Arriva Rail North

Support Team of the Year
. . . . . .

Support Centre

Division of the Year
. . . . . .

Security and Events North

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