Carlisle Superstar Awards 2022

The winners of our 2021 Quarterly Superstar Awards are invited to our Annual Superstar Awards held the following year. Unfortunately due to the ongoing Covid-19 rules, our Annual Awards was held virtually on 24 March 2022. 

Employee of the Year

Ibrahim was working on the gateline at Harrogate Station when a male passenger suffered a heart attack. He calmly and professionally assessed the situation, called the emergency services, and began conducting CPR until the ambulance arrived. Other members of the Gateline team also assisted in liaising with the British Transport Police and keeping the area and route to the incident clear for the paramedics’ arrival.

The calmness and compassion displayed by Ibrahim and the wider team in handling this incident certainly deserves recognition. Feedback from a Northern Trains driver who witnessed Ibrahim’s actions said that even though he was not employed by Northern Trains, he showed their core values. Truly caring passionately for all.

Khurram was promoted to Team Leader in 2021 and has been a great support to the client, management team and front-line staff. Not only did he step up and manage the contract whilst his Line Manager was on paternity leave, but he also assisted in mobilisation administration and keeping the day-to-day operations running smoothly. An additional 30 team members were also recruited in a short space of time and required in-house training.

To assist with this, Khurram quickly passed his ‘Train the Trainer’ course with flying colours to ensure the new RSO team members received the relevant training before starting on the contract. Khurram is extremely responsive and positive – he is a brilliant asset to the team and his commitment is second to none.

Nick is one of our valued Contract Managers within the Security & Events (North) team and is responsible for our operations at Jaguar Land Rover across Merseyside.

Earlier this year it was clear that JLR needed to take a proactive approach to Workplace Testing and Screening otherwise they would be unable to maintain the production output at their UK facilities.

Nick took ownership of working with JLR’s Workplace Health Team, ensuring that the processes and procedures were put in place where his team could support the testing of thousands of employees over a prolonged period.

During lockdown in early 2021, Merseyrail were experiencing significant anti-social behaviour across the network, including ‘gangs’ who would congregate and cause major problems for both staff and passengers. To tackle the problem, a joint working group was formed with our Byelaw Enforcement Officers and Merseyside Police whereby various operations were carried out.

During one operation our Officers Stephen and Neil, alongside the police, stopped all passengers as they alighted and conducted 102 ticket checks in total, resulting in the issue of penalty fairs, and station ejections. Details were also obtained of the ‘ringleaders’ who had been the main protagonists over the previous month. This operation, and others like it, have been a huge success, with praise from Merseyrail Station Mangers, Retailers, and the police for the support provided.

Outstanding Courageous Act of the Year

Keeley and Shola are part of our Revenue Security Team at Arriva Rail London, who spotted a young child travelling alone which was out of the norm. Knowing that something wasn’t quite right, they intervened to see if the child needed any help and alerted the British Transport Police (BTP). Following this it came to light that the young child is on the autism spectrum and had run away from home without their parent’s knowledge. The quick thinking of Keeley and Shola ensured the safe return of the child.

Yvonne is our Cleaning Operative at Carlisle’s Luton Head Office, providing not only cleaning but sanitisation every day in our head office, helping to ensure a safe and clean environment for our support function teams. Not only is she instrumental in supporting our return to the office following the initial stages of the pandemic but comes to work with a beaming smile and is a shining example of our Carlisle family.

Anthony saved not one but two lives, in two different cities, on the same shift, as part of our Security Team for Northern Trains. Firstly, he spotted someone had collapsed at Liverpool Limestreet station and whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive, he started chest compressions and cleared the individual’s airways. Without Anthony’s quick reactions, they would not have survived.

As if that wasn’t enough for one shift, on his way back to Manchester he spotted a woman in distress who wanted to take her own life. Anthony’s words of support and empathy managed to dissuade her from making that catastrophic decision. His dedication, professionalism and selflessness prove himself a worthy winner of this award.

Christopher is part of our Security Team for Avanti West Coast, based at Stockport Station, he works to create a safe and secure environment for all station users. Whilst on shift, Christopher was called to respond to an incident of a suicidal person on the station platform. He didn’t hesitate to assist with the extremely agitated individual and managed to safely restrain them even through the constant kicking and biting.

Christopher was commended by the British Transport Police (BTP) who showed up to escort the individual to safety and provide the help they needed. The BTP insisted on taking Christopher to A&E for his wounds sustained during this incident, however on the way, our eagle-eyed Operative spotted a member of the public in distress. On further inspection from the BTP, this person had been hit by a car and needed urgent medical attention. Yet again, two lives saved on one shift – both of which are truly outstanding courageous acts!

Contract / Operations Manager of the Year

Our Contract/Operations Manager of the Year category had a total of 32 nominees this year! Due to this, we decided to award three worthy winners. First up is our Contract Manager at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (THFC), Lui Simeone. Treated as a father figure by the on-site security team, Lui plays a key part in our ongoing partnership with THFC and success on this contract. He has gone over and above his role and works tirelessly to ensure the safety of his team and the wider THFC operation.

This category is voted for by our family members, and we were inundated with nominations for both Paul and Dominic. This unrivalled duo work hand in hand to make our Northern Trains contract continuously successful, generating several initiatives which have all contributed to our retention of this contract and ongoing positive partnership with Northern Trains.

Team of the Year

Our Support Team of the Year category included 14 shortlisted teams which meant this was a tricky category to win. But our winners this year are Finance (Credit Control) duo Nikki Donoghue and Farzana Ahmed. They ensure we bill our clients correctly and in a timely manner, which has proved especially challenging over the last few years with our own teams and client contacts working remotely.

Looking for teams that demonstrate the Carlisle values and core competencies, especially throughout the recent pandemic, this category had a shortlist of 28 teams. But coming out on top was our Security contract with Tesco – accepted by Franz Spitzenberger on behalf of the wider Tesco team.

Tesco has been one of the largest contracts we have mobilised in such a short space of time, with the initial mobilisation lasting 13 weeks, transferring over 320 TUPE staff, across 220 locations and an additional recruitment of over 100 operatives. A recent comment from the client stated, “The whole team stepped up and embraced the change and I’m incredibly grateful for everything they did”, which is the perfect sentiment in recognition of the hard work this team have achieved over the last year.

Division of the Year

The final category is Division of the Year. We have five divisions in total within Carlisle which include Security and Events South, Security North, Security Merseyside, Cleaning and Soft FM, and Retail. This year’s Division of the Year winners are… Cleaning and Soft FM, accepted by Managing Director, Alex Orr.

This is a highly contested category between the five divisions, with various aspects taking into consideration when choosing the winner, including business growth, client retention, customer experience and temp check scores, dealing with challenges (including the impact of Covid-19) and living our company values.

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