Carlisle's Annual Superstar Awards Ceremony

Employee of the Year

Whilst on duty at Wigan North Western station, Joanne helped an elderly lady in the toilets who was in terrible state of distress and had soiled herself. As Joanne was helping to clean her up, she found bruises all over her body, when asked she replied that her husband had been abusing her. Joanne acted quickly and informed her Team Leader who alerted the police and reported the incident. Thank you, Joanne, for truly caring passionately for all.

Due to a busy festival weekend, and another supplier unable to fulfil the request, our client requested additional guarding to the Ulverston store in Cumbria at short notice. This store is situated over 100miles away from our current deployment and it was proving difficult for us to provide the support required. However, Billy, who is a Team Leader for one of our Mobile Security Teams, volunteered to support the store, travelling the 200mile trip on a day he was not scheduled to work. Thank you, Billy, for ‘saving the day’ and showing exceptional dedication, a passion for service delivery, and keeping our Customer at the Heart.

Following one of the biggest Sainsbury’s projects in 2022 completed by our retail division, the team received great feedback from the Sainsbury’s Delivery Manager. Following sign off of the project in Crayford, a high profile store, the team were commended for the high standards of work completed, with minimal disruption to the customers and general operations of the store.  Well done to Dave, Shaun and the team.

David was performing a manual search in the cab of an HGV leaving the UK via Eurotunnel, when he located £4,500 in cash which was hidden behind the driver seat. Following his training, and trusting his gut instinct, he knew this was not normal behaviour and raised his concerns with the Eurotunnel Operation Security Leader, who in turn contacted the Channel Tunnel Policing Unit. The driver was taken away for questioning and a further search of the cab by the police highlighted a further 20,000€ hidden in the cab. The cash was seized, and the driver was arrested and processed.

Cash being smuggled across international borders is most commonly the proceed of crime, whether that be drug offences, prostitution gains, or extortion. It highlights the importance of our team’s role at Eurotunnel not just for performing normal business, but the assistance in the fight against international organised criminality. David trusted his instincts and achieved an excellent result.

Contract / Operations Manager of the Year

Contract Team of the Year

Support Team of the Year

Division of the Year

Outstanding Courageous
Act of the Year

The Martyn Hett Award for
Contribution to Counter-Terrorism

Whilst on duty at the Royal Veterinary College, Martyn and his team were alerted to a man trying to commit suicide by hanging himself from some external scaffolding. Upon running outside to see the shirtless man, Martyn tried to climb to him, who at this point was tying rope around his own neck, however he was very adamant he did not want Martyn to come any closer. Martyn continued to climb, along with a few other colleagues who eventually got to the man, and managed to hold him aloft to ensure he could not injure himself further with the rope.

A lot of people had gathered at the base of the scaffolding at this point, shouting out in distress. Martyn remained calm and radioed his team inside to bring a knife or sharp instrument which enabled Martyn to cut the man down, and bring him to safety. The man was very distraught by this point, but again Martyn remained calm and waited with the man until emergency services could arrive to assist.

The security team at Great Ormond Street Hospital have demonstrated an exceptional apatite to creating a secure environment for its patients, staff, and stakeholders across the estate. Lead by GOSH’s Security Manager Paul Anstee, this partnership has seen the security operation undertaken a variety of Continuous Professional Development, multiple and varied sector-based testing, and exercises, and forge a positive on-going working relationship with the Metropolitan Police.

Fahad (Security Contract Manager) is committed to ensuring that his team are up to date with all of the relevant accessible training. This has seen all of his colleagues undertake ACT Awareness, ACT Security and SCaN via Carlisle’s OLLIE platform, with many of the team conducting this multiple times throughout the 12 months as refresher training. His leadership style also sees his team embrace an inquisitive nature about them, seeking confirmation from persons of interest in a polite and engaging manner to qualify their presence to uphold a safe space for all.

Through their on-going personal development, testing and exercise regime, and collaboration with multi-agency services this team have demonstrated a culture which deters criminal activity, including terrorism and a level of preparedness in the event of incident.

Customer of the Year

Supplier of the Year

Another new category this year, we wanted to recognise those customers who have gone above and beyond and supported us in partnership and also to recognise the support that they’ve given to the frontline teams that work on our behalf on their contracts.

In the last 12 months, this contract has gone through a complete revolution, including internal executive involvement and customer feedback that is unrivalled in their sector. There’s been investment in new kit and technology that has enhanced the service that we can offer to the customers on the frontline. They’ve increased pay rates to well above the real living wage and encouraged additional training for our frontline officers.

Pictured: Andy Mead, Ian Jenkinson and Peter O’Hare from East Midlands Railways.

As a new category this year, we wanted to recognise the suppliers that service the customers that we provide our services to today. We’ve seen many of them exhibit at our Innovation Lab this year, but Insight in particular have shown resilience in what they’ve done for us. They provide support 24/7, 365 days a year, enhancing our cost and innovation proposals to our own customers. We truly work in complete partnership, and look forward to the many years to come.

Pictured: Kally Hayre and Darren Keane from Insight.

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Our cleaning teams can be found in shops, offices, hotels, trains and trams. No matter where we clean, whether it’s train carriages, arenas or stations, the customer is at the heart of everything we do.


Our security teams work in both the public and private sectors across a full range of business sectors. Our service extend from corporate security services to bespoke complex solutions.


In the world of sport, entertainment and one-off events we specialise in the provision of personnel, management consultancy and hospitality services that we deliver to millions of people every year.


Carlisle is the UK’s largest outsourced merchandiser. Our retail support and interiors teams work with some of the biggest names on the high street installing seasonal and promotional displays.


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