Quarter One Winners

Daniel Potter

Daniel Potter - Caring Passionately For All

Thank you, Daniel, for your remarkable approach to supporting an autistic boy who became very distressed and started to bang his head on the floor. You showed true professionalism and care for the boy by calming him and taking him to a place of safety.

Andrei Rusu

Andrei Rusu - Customer at the Heart

Andrei received praise directly from a member of the public or his continued commitment and enthusiasm to his role. They commented that you are a credit to our company for putting your heart and soul into everything you do.

Jenny Hegarty

Jenny Hegarty - Promise-Based Culture

Jenny has been an absolute star with the amount of time, effort and energy she has put into her role. With multiple wins, Jenny was responsible, alongside her team, for the TUPE administration of over 500 employees, always with a smile on her face.

Glen Sutherland

Glen Sutherland - Sector-Based Expert

Nominated for his caring nature and going above and beyond the call of duty in his role following an incident which occurred at the end of his shift. He stayed for many extra hours to ensure the victim remained safe and well.