Quarter Two Winners

Chris Lowry

Chris Lowry - Caring Passionately For All

Chris spoke with a customer who was very upset as her son had collapsed, and she was unable to pick him up on her own to carry him into the hospital. Unable to locate a wheelchair, and due to the urgent nature of getting the young boy into A+E, Chris carried him so staff could then administer care.

Wolverhampton NHS

Ross Tapsell, Jake Tuck and Chris Lowry - Customer in the Heart

Nominated for their heroic actions during an attempted break-in at the site, which avoided the loss of a huge amount of money. As quoted by our client, Paul Smith: “I simply cannot put into words how proud and grateful the Trust and I are for all of your officers’ actions. Simply outstanding”

Jeff Higham and Phoebe Barry

Jeff Higham and Phoebe Barry - Promise-Based Culture

Nominated directly by our client at Merseyrail, both have been heavily praised for their dedication, commitment and approach to the Wirral Loop Renewal Works on the contract. Without the hard work of Jeff and Phoebe, the works would not have been the success it has been proclaimed.

Nikki Donoghue

Nikki Donoghue - Sector-Based Expert

Nikki delivers a great service to the company every month and is professional, well organised, and keeps the cash coming in. At three client meetings, they have mentioned Nikki without being prompted; it is clear that she is respected and gets the balance just right between insisting on payment and being respectful to our clients’ accounts teams.