2018 Quarter Three Winners

Felix Adowah, Raja Mahmood and Afuwape Oshikoya – Care Passionately for all

A male resident was in cardiac arrest on the floor in his room. Raja called an ambulance and was informed they would have to perform CPR. Under the guidance of the ambulance team, Felix began CPR until the medics arrived and took over. The male was taken to hospital and made a full recovery. Following the incident, the client sent an email thanking Raja, Felix, and Afuwape on their quick response and lifesaving CPR.

David McCrudden – Customers at the Heart

David witnessed a female customer experiencing an epileptic fit whilst working within the Cheltenham store. He reacted quickly, using his jacket to support her head against the floor. He comforted the customer until in-store first aiders arrived and assisted them until the emergency services were on site. David went out of his way to assist the customer which was greatly appreciated by everyone involved.

Scott Hughes, Darren Forbes and Andrew Begg – Promise-Based Culture

Darren, Andrew and Scott stepped up to champion a project which involved recruiting 21 new candidates and training them fully within five weeks. They were tasked with identifying suitable staff, establishing tracking numbers and organising training sessions. The trio committed to reach the required number of candidates and they remained optimistic in their approach and encouraged the rest of the team throughout to ensure that we delivered by the deadline. Without the passion and determination shown by this team, landing the service ahead of the deadline would not have been possible and they exceeded all expectations.

Andy Taylor – Sector- Based Expert

Whilst on duty within the City Watch Control Room, Andy observed a male being assaulted by three other males in St John’s Gardens. They went on to steal the victims coat and mobile phone. Due to Andy’s vigilance, he and the team were able to send images directly to the police and monitor all three males as they left the area. They directed police patrols to the males who were all detained for assault and theft. Both the coat and mobile phone were retrieved and provided back to the owner. It was a brilliant result that demonstrated the council’s objectives and the strength and effectiveness of the City Watch partnership in protecting the community it serves.

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