Carlisle Superstar Winner - Mourad Badjou - Care Passionately for all

Mourad Badjou - Care Passionately for all

Mourad was on duty at Lister Hospital when he spotted a female patient on the edge of level 10 of the multi-story car park. Once reported, security arrived and managed to pull her away from the railings and brought her safely into the staircase. Shortly after the Duty Marshall and Police arrived. Mourad then organised a car to be sent to level 10 so the patient could be escorted safely back to the Aston Ward.

Carlisle Superstar Winner - Glossop Team - Customers at the Heart

Glossop Station Team - Customers at the Heart

The team consists of Rizwan Haider, Abdi Nasir Jama, William Jones, Hamza Mohamed, Daniel Day, Thomas Dunne and Alan Ball. Glossop Station recently received a Gold Award in the ACoRP (The Association of Community Rail Partnerships) Awards. The team provide a valuable and welcoming assistance in helping to keep the station clean and tidy. They also promote the station’s image positively by their helpful engagement with the passengers. The team have demonstrated the great results available from working in partnership with the client and other stakeholders.

Carlisle Superstar Winner - Lee Wainwright - Promise-Based Culture

Lee Wainwright - Promise-Based Culture

Lee has worked at Carlisle for 20 years and his expertise and knowledge of the client was shown in his running of the recent new store in Selly Oak. Lee managed a team of 57 including merchandisers, new starters and thirdparty support. This was alongside his role of liaising with the Project Manager and Store Manager to ensure everything was completed within the timescales. Nothing seems to faze Lee in these challenges and he often gets requested to run sites. He also successfully completed the opening of a new store in Kendal in 2018. He is hard working, easy to approach and always delivers to a high standard.

Carlisle Superstar Winner - Andrew Walker - Sector-Based Expert

Andrew Walker - Sector-Based Expert

Whilst on duty at the entrance to the Arsenal Armoury Shop, Andrew observed a member of the public being chased by three youths, one of which was holding a knife. Andrew assisted the member of the public to safety by allowing him inside the store and closing the doors. The other three youths tried to force their way past Andrew but despite repeated attempts, Andrew stood firm and would not allow them in. During this commotion, he managed to radio through to the Control Room and request immediate Police assistance. On hearing that the Police were on route, the three youths fled the area. Andrew showed remarkable bravery and courage by standing his ground.