Quarter One Winners 2018

Carlisle Superstar Winner - Ahmed Harb - Customers at the Heart

Ahmed Harb - Customers at the Heart

Ahmed is the person who first greets people entering the building. His warm character, friendly demeanour, and charismatic personality shine. When faced with challenging visitors, such as protestors, Ahmed always remains calm and professional. His person skills and emotional intelligence are second to none.We have received positive feedback from a number of visitors who had access needs that meant reasonable adjustments were required. He takes a flexible approach and works tirelessly to ensure the building is kept safe whilst retaining a friendly welcome to all. Ahmed retired at the end of last year, and he will be sorely missed by the team at UK Supreme Court.

Superstar Winner -Brian Day - Caring Passionately for All

Brian Day-Care Passionately for all

Brian received a call on the radio that there was a male unwell on the Northern Line platform. Upon his arrival, he found a male collapsed on the floor, he was attended to by an off-duty Doctor, and Stephen Johnson, the Assistant Station Manager. The Doctor confirmed the male had stopped breathing and was unresponsive, he then called for the Defib before administering chest compressions.Brian then took over the chest compressions whilst they waited for the Defib to arrive, and to give the Doctor the chance to assess the patient. Three sets of compressions were administered before the patient gasped back into life. The Male called into Liverpool Central to meet up with and thank both Brian and Stephen.

Superstar Winner - Janet Billingham and Matt George - Promise Based Culture

Janet Billingham and Matt George - Promise Based Culture

At the beginning of last year the contract required an increased demand for personnel - over 150 staff per week across eight locations in the UK. Janet and Matt travelled to each location to conduct in-store inductions, interviews and briefings to our new local personnel, also ensuring our national teams were fully engaged. They never lost sight of the overall objective and ensured Team Leaders and clients were updated at all times, and because of this, there were no significant long term quality issues. With Janet and Matt successfully delivering on their promise, we now have a blue print for future sites and projects.

Superstar Winner - Lisa McBrien - Sector Based Expert

Lisa McBrien - Sector-Based Expert

Lisa works within the City Watch Control Room for the Council and was on shift during the recent fire that engulfed the Liverpool Waterfront car park at King’s Dock on New Year’s Eve 2017. Despite the Control Room being inundated with calls, Lisa dealt with all enquiries from Council Officers, Police and emergency services efficiently and professionally, which enabled the Council to effectively deal with this major incident.