Carlisle Superstar Winner - Anthony Dada - Caring Passionately for all

Anthony Dada - Care Passionately for all

One of the stewards called Anthony over to the steps and told him a gentleman had collapsed. When he arrived, he saw a male on the floor being held by a woman. Anthony realised he was having a heart attack which was confirmed by the woman holding the male. Anthony took over the CPR, whilst doing this he asked for an ambulance to be called, he carried on CPR until the paramedics arrived and set up their equipment. Medics then checked the male and luckily managed to find a pulse, and took over the CPR. He then made sure there was a direct route for the paramedics to get to the ambulance.

Carlisle Superstar Winner - Maggie McLeish - Customers at the Heart

Maggie McLeish - Customers at the Heart

Maggie is a valued member of our team. She is a compassionate, friendly and responsible individual who shows absolute dedication. She offers additional cleaning services, despite having completed her scheduled two hours, ensuring that every area of the station is clean, tidy and welcoming. Maggie works tirelessly, often going above and beyond the call of duty, and is always willing to take on additional responsibilities. As a self-initiator, Maggie on occasion will identify faults such as a leaking kettle and a corroded leaking water pipe, and will bring this to our attention in order to rectify.

Carlisle Superstar Winner - Kerry Noonan - Promise Based Culture

Kerry Noonan - Promise-Based Culture

Kerry works with total passion and commitment in her scheduling role and does not accept any compromise to service. Kerry will influence and manage without authority to Duty Managers and Supervisors whilst engaging and relationship building at all levels to ensure that there is the correct team dynamic to have an effective schedule in place. In May last year, Kerry did not leave the office until 8.30pm to ensure that there would be no staffing shortfalls over the bank holiday weekend, which is just one example of many, where Kerry has gone above and beyond.

Carlisle Superstar Winner - John Angel - Sector Based Expert

John Angel - Sector-Based Expert

John has shown real commitment to providing a high level of service not only to MMD Shipping Services but also to Portsmouth International Ports (PIP). John has played an integral part in changing the culture of security at MMD and has implemented some real beneficial changes towards that goal. He has had to struggle with manning issues and HR conundrums but has never allowed this to effect the contract and has always conducted his duties with a smile on his face. John is a real people person and gets on with everyone he comes in contact with but maintains a real sense of professionalism at all times.