Quarter One Winners

Q1 Superstar Winner Sean Hughes - Customers at the Heart

Sean Hughes - Customers at the Heart

Shaun went above and beyond on two occasions: Firstly at the LIHS event he noticed a female visitor who had mobility issues and did everything he could to get her a better seat. She wrote into the venue to pass her thanks over and the client was over the moon with the letter. Secondly, during a Bryan Adams concert, he helped a customer who had two sons with Cerebral Palsy and Autism, who found it difficult to sit in the normal seats. Shaun personally went to Box Office and arranged new seats to ensure the family’s evening was as comfortable as possible.

Q1 Superstar Winner Billy Weston - Sector Based Expert

Billy Weston - Sector Based Expert

Billy was recently commended by Detective Constable Blackbourne of Merseyside Police for his assistance and diligence during a high profile police investigation. Billy spent several hours sat with officers reviewing CCTV footage using his excellent knowledge of the system and took it upon himself to continue searching to eventually find the perpetrator in question. This is only a snapshot of the work Billy does on a regular basis and he is a phenomenal member of our team.

Q1 Superstar Winners - Wolverhampton NHS - Care Passionately for all

Wolverhampton NHS Team - Care Passionately for All

Our officers were presented with a patient who pulled a gun out of his bag and held it against his own head. Four officers stayed with the individual, trying to calm them down, whilst the other three maintained a safe cordon and moved people out of harm’s way. The situation de-escalated when armed response officers from West Midlands Police arrived and challenged the individual who quickly threw their firearm down and surrendered. Even when the individual was cuffed on the floor, our officers continued to converse with them to ensure they were calm and safe. Our officers remained in control, with a high degree of professionalism, during a situation that could have had serious consequences.

Q1 Superstar Winner Dave Glass - Promise Based Culture

Dave Glass - Promise Based Culture

Dave is one of those officers that you wish you had a thousand of. He quite simply can’t do enough to help and his work is always of an exceptionally high quality. The local team rely on him and he is a credit. The world needs more Dave’s.