Arsenal Football Club

The Emirates stadium attracts audiences of up to 60,000 for a premier league or international game. It is the third largest football stadium in England after Wembley Stadium and Old Trafford. Carlisle have provided security and stewarding services to Arsenal Football Club since 1997. Our operation has grown from only 7 staff to a total deployment of 158 SIA licensed staff and 28 stewards per match on a regular match day. These numbers increase depending on the nature of the visiting team and the underlining operational issues. This may take the deployment level to a total of 220.

Our Involvement

Our process is managed throughout the event by our dedicated management team and supervisors, using appropriate technology such as body cameras, security wands, and search tables and supported by Carlisle Security representative in the match day control room to ensure successful delivery.
During this time, we have maintained a strong relationship with the stakeholders and have retained our management team to further enhance our commitment.

We provide a full complement of Security and Stewarding staff who are all SIA licensed, Highfield customer service trained, and ACT (Action Against Terrorism) trained.

Areas of Deployment include:
• Personal and bag search on 16 turnstile entry points
• Managing away fan turnstiles – queue management
• Tout patrols around the ticket box office area
• Staff searches – personal and bag search
• Searching every member of public prior to a stadium tour – personal search and bag search
• Searching of all public entering into the three main retail shops
• Team of people who look after Plaza box office – ticket collectors on match day
• Underground car park staff – checking every person and all access routes in the car park to the stadium
• Look after the surrounding areas of Arsenal stadium – private housing estates – vandalism etc.
• Look after their corporate events on non-match days
• Corporate hospitality – accreditation checks – directional information, asset protection
• VIP security
• On UEFA championship games when requested we look after Finsbury Park which is an overflow for up to 40-50 travelling coaches.



Andrew Walker was our Superstar Winner for his remarkable bravery. Whilst on duty at the entrance to the Arsenal Armoury Shop, Andrew observed a member of the public being chased by three youths, one of which was holding a knife. Andrew assisted the member of the public to safety by allowing him inside the store and closing the doors. The other three youths tried to force their way past Andrew but despite repeated attempts, Andrew stood firm and would not allow them in.
During this commotion, he managed to radio through to the Control Room and request immediate Police assistance. On hearing that the Police were on route, the three youths fled the area.

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