Ascot Racecourse

Ascot Racecourse is a British racecourse, located in Ascot, Berkshire, England, which is used for thoroughbred horse racing. It is one of the leading racecourses in the United Kingdom, hosting 13 of Britain’s 36 annual Group 1 horse races. Ascot Racecourse is visited by just under 600,000 people a year, accounting for 10% of all UK racegoers, and it was the first racecourse in Europe to reach the 500,000-racegoer milestone.

Our Involvement

Appointed in October 2017, Carlisle Support Services had been identified as a supplier of Race Day Security and Stewarding for Ascot Racecourse. In February 2018 we expanded our support services on site to include the Manned Guarding operations at the facility. As a landmark venue within the equestrian and events sector globally Ascot Racecourse is an example where our operation safeguards a globally recognised brand.
Due to the variety of events which are held at the racecourse, we can showcase how Carlisle Support Services are able to evolve its operations to meet the requirements on that given day. It is often the case that multiple Conference and Events will be held on the same day, with the first point of contact for the venue being our team. It is our ability of this team to multitask and troubleshoot queries, whilst providing exemplary customer service, for which the client has seen a step change in the security and front of house operation at the venue.

Services Provided

• Front of House/Reception services – Emphasis on a security solution which is in line with ‘The Ascot Way’
• Stakeholder management – access and egress control of employees, visitors and Corporate and Events guests
• Event Security and Stewarding – Race day, Corporate and Events, additional AdHoc manned guarding and hostel front desk
• CCTV monitoring site wide
• Internal and External patrols of the venue whilst conducting facilities assessments and reporting
• Alarm monitoring and response for intruders, fire, lifts and plant room
• Key holding for the entire site
• Site Management meeting attendance.

The very nature of the brand requires a high level of customer service and a proactive approach to meeting arriving stakeholders at the venue. For this reason our teams are inducted prior to being assigned duties on the manner in which they are to conduct roles and responsibilities after being identified as the right candidate.
They are then required to undertake a further client specific induction known as ‘The Ascot Way’ which furthers their knowledge of the venue and the expectations of the brand in terms of service delivery. This is all further underpinned by our customer service training.
From the general manned guarding operation, two officers per shift and a site supervisor, to a race day deployment nearing 300 personnel, Ascot Racecourse is a reference which demonstrates Carlisle Support Services ability to provide a detailed security service to a large deployment without compromising quality.



Anthony Dada was our Superstar Winner for his heroic efforts during a race day at Ascot. One of the stewards called Anthony over and told him a gentleman had
collapsed. When he arrived, he saw a male on the floor being held by a woman. Anthony realised he was having a heart attack which was confirmed by the woman holding the male.
Anthony took over the CPR, whilst doing this he asked for an ambulance to be called, he carried on CPR until the paramedics arrived and set up their equipment.
Medics then checked the male and luckily managed to find a pulse and took over the CPR. He then made sure there was a direct route for the paramedics to get to
the ambulance.



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