Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) had been interested in identifying a strategic partner to protect its assets. Through a rigorous tender process, JLR identified Carlisle to be its chosen security supplier. Our proposal demonstrated a tailored service delivery model which was aligned to the vision of JLR, standards and best practice.

Our Involvement

The security and reception services covered the three following locations:

Halewood, Liverpool – This is the most northern JLR site situated just outside of Liverpool. The plant is large in footprint and comprises the main factory and outlying buildings. The site has its own external ring road and a Land Rover Experience centre.

Ellesmere Port, Liverpool – A logistics site which houses JLR parts and components. A security service is provided over 336 hours which covers vehicle management, patrols and other traditional security duties.

Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC), Wolverhampton – EMC is the newest facility and is still undergoing considerable construction and expansion. The plant will soon produce the engines that support all of our UK manufacturing plants. The site is covered by security officers, a supervisor, receptionist and control room operators.

With only three weeks to provide a smooth transition across all locations, it became a major operation as this transition would run alongside two other mobilisations – Peel Ports and Eurotunnel. Once again this required all Carlisle management teams to support the operation throughout the mobilisation stage. This required a structured project plan aligned to each contract requirement with key timescales to be achieved.

Mobilisation Challenges

The JLR operation required the TUPE transfer of 45 security staff, 4 Business Protection Control Room Coordinators and 4 Front of House Reception staff and included a full spectrum of duties from controlling gates for restricted access and egress to emergency incident response. There were some additional challenges to overcome within week 2 of our 3-week mobilisation. As part of the JLR service requirements, Carlisle would be required to provide additional support staff to cover Temporary Works over the contract term. This requirement was requested to go live from the 1st April, which would require an additional 14-man security team to cover 3 new gate operations until September.

JLR also wanted to relaunch the brand identity on the contract start date, this included some of the following:

• New bespoke designed uniform and branding across all operations – Our uniform supplier Matthias was introduced to the client to design the new Business Protection Uniform, which would be aligned to the in-house BP team.
• A designed ‘Customer Experience Programme’ – launched which would cover customer training delivered in two areas – Reception services offering and Security customer awareness training
• A new fitness programme – for all security staff who would be deployed across the operation
• Off-road patrol vehicle – introduced and fully operational for contract live date
• Site assignment instructions and risk assessments – implemented at all three locations
• Relief support induction training – prior to contract start date, which includes two days and two nights training shifts
• Work-IT – our in-house patrol monitoring, task and compliance system implemented across each location with active NFC tags to monitor our compliance to internal and external patrols
• Engage-IT – Staff communication platform provided to all transferring staff, allowing them to check pay, shift allocation, and book holidays.

Overcoming Challenges

Furthermore, through our due-diligence process it became apparent that the Halewood location had 8 vacancies, as the site had been operating with relief cover. We had been able to overcome this challenge from both our ability to recruit due to the support network from our sister company Blue Arrow, but also our portfolio strength of security staff within the North Region.
Carlisle’s ability to support JLR through such a quick transition has resonated across their business and we continue to actively recruit, train and motivate our staff each day in supporting us to strive in service excellence on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover.

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