Leonardo specialise in aerospace, defence and security. Leonardo is one of the UK’s leading aerospace companies, with over 7,000 people employed across the UK, and one of biggest suppliers of defence and security equipment to the UK MoD. They have eight sites in total – Basildon, Bristol, Edinburgh, Lincoln, London, Luton, Southampton, and Yeovil.

Our Involvement
Before Carlisle were chosen as a single provider, the contract was being outsourced to three different security providers which meant Leonardo were faced with many challenges around staff deployment and recruitment in certain areas such as Yeovil and Edinburgh. They required the chosen provider to demonstrate both strong contract management across all locations, with additional systems and processes around recruitment and staff retention. The contract provision required us to transfer 88 staff who covered a wide range of roles and responsibilities including, managers, supervisors, reception, security and administration personnel. Leonardo required their chosen security provider to be highly disciplined, visible and able to provide staff that are security cleared and trained in all aspects. The core elements of the service requirements include:

  • Reception and visitor management
  • Internal and external patrol management
  • Car parking
  • Access control
  • Post Room Duties
  • Lock and Unlock services
  • Air Craft guarding
  • Event and ad-hoc requirements
  • Control of gates for access and egress
  • Control room operations/CCTV monitoring
  • Searches of vehicles and personnel
  • Operation of multiple IT systems
  • Locking of buildings and setting of alarms/Mobile patrols to individual locations
  • Mobile and foot patrols
  • Fire Alarm management including testing
  • Emergency incident response.

Our Solution

Our proposal was able to demonstrate the ability to provide all services across a management structure imbedded into the contract provision and a new cultural alignment against the core values of Leonardo. We have been able to tailor our service which included some of the key areas:
• Review and audit of the current reception and admin duties – This has now allowed us to provide harmonisation across the contract from these services
• Bespoke customer service programme – which is being delivered through Highfield across both reception and security teams and aligned to Leonardo’s eight core values
• Updated uniform – branded and tailored to Carlisle and Leonardo
• New recruitment campaigns across the contract – which now seeks to introduce personnel from outside of the industry
• Annual security audits – which provides Leonardo a risk and resilience review of their property, roles and security services provision
• Operational Excellence training – for the onsite senior teams, including Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders
• Work-IT – our in-house patrol monitoring, task and compliance system implemented across each location with active NFC tags to monitor our compliance to internal and external patrols, providing real time incident and management reports.
• Penetration and mystery shopper testing – a review of reception and security staff compliance and customer service offering being delivered. Quarterly tests are being conducted.
• Reward and recognition – we introduced a rewards scheme to test our own staff who display our corporate values and to reward staff going over and above the standards required. There is also a team of the year award
• Engage-IT – Staff communication platform provided to all transferring staff, allowing them to check pay, shift allocation, and book holidays
• Contract Development Plan – we have introduced our Sector Development Director, who is tasked to create a development plan for the contract in each year
• Benchmarking – we are also reviewing our services and providing a benchmark proposal against industry standards
• Monthly, quarterly and annual reviews and reports – to address any concerns and to ensure preparation for future activities.

Due to the nature of this client’s activities within the defence sector, security and protection of property, people and assets is of huge importance. Leonardo can have the complete confidence that Carlisle are the best placed provider of security staff, with high level training and supervision, bringing peace of mind to Leonardo stakeholders.


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