Marylebone Cricket Club (Lord’s)

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has been recognised as the sole authority on the Laws of Cricket since its foundation in 1787 and it has been in its current home at Lord’s since 1814. MCC plays more matches than any other cricket club; around 480 against schools, universities and clubs in the UK, and between 20 and 30 as part of its overseas touring programme, which aims to develop cricket abroad.

Our involvement

Carlisle has worked in partnership with MCC since 1995 to provide security and stewarding services at cricket matches. The key requirement is to provide a highly skilled and flexible local resource pool to support the Lord’s in-house team. We are proud of our relationship with MCC, as it reflects our true business ethos – understanding our client’s needs and creating a tailored response – every time. The MCC is an example of where we provide security and stewarding services to a high-profile international venue that demands the very highest standards of service, providing the following services:

Searching attendees – we have a number of teams providing searching at the various entrance points around the ground. The day starts with searching the catering team, which arrives early in the morning and continues with searching the ground staff, media and the general public. The process involves a body search, a bag search and the use of a Garrett search wand to check for metal objects.

Hospitality services – after everyone has been admitted to the ground, a number of our team members redeploy to the Thomas Lord’s Suite to undertake hospitality duties. This includes the after-match event, when only VIPs, players and their families are allowed entry.

Patrol response team – this involves checking that noise is managed to within required levels, entrance points are kept clear and that no anti-social behaviour occurs. It is our responsibility to make sure the brand image and ethos of the MCC and the Lord’s ground are upheld.

Block teams – our teams also provide a security presence for the apartment blocks around the ground. Their role is to prevent access to the apartments from non-residents and to keep the ground visitors and general public moving.

Car park stewards – we also deliver stewarding to the Tavern underground car park and the Regents Park Outer Circle. This ensures the correct permits are displayed in the vehicles and that parking is within the designated bays and is not causing an obstruction.

Overnight security – this is delivered 365 days a year to provide access control and general security to the premises.

Added value

To deliver a service tailored to our client’s requirements, we also provide the following:
• Active planning and involvement for each and every event
• Equipment and management of headcams, radios, Garrett search wands, vehicle search mirrors and Tensa retractable barriers
• A standby resource pool to ensure any additional requirements before the event and during the event can be met at short notice. This is all co-ordinated by our 24/7 Response Centre and our events resourcing team.

Results and benefits to the client

Carlisle has successfully delivered security and event services to Marylebone Cricket Club for over 20 years. We focus on constant communication and the provision of highly dedicated and committed employees. This ensures we can deliver the iconic brand and ethos to each and every stakeholder that visits the ground. A testament to this is our recent award of a further contract term for service provision until 2021.

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