Westminster City Council

Westminster is one of the busiest and most high profile locations in the UK and the management of a high footfall multi-site contract is critical to the image the City of Westminster wants to portray to the rest of the world. The city contains some of the busiest public toilets in the country, including Parliament Square, Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

Our Involvement

The contract started in 2003, which has since been renewed until 2022, placing Carlisle as the leaseholder of public facilities. Hit by increasing costs and budget constraints, Westminster City Council was keen to investigate a range of initiatives to help them reduce costs and provide a revenue stream. By leasing their public
toilet facilities to Carlisle Cleaning, Westminster City Council has an income generating asset and can rest safe in the knowledge that their name will remain synonymous with spotless public facilities. Today we deliver a cleaning service at 25 public conveniences in Westminster and also undertake maintenance work, renovation work and cash management. A static attendant is used at each site to maintain consistent quality levels throughout high levels of usage. Branded ‘Cityloos’, Carlisle Cleaning charges a small entrance fee (waived for residents, Council Officers, mothers with small children and disabled users) and provides a safe, clean and comfortable environment for London’s residents and visitors. Music, pictures, vending machines and fresh flowers, together with new bathroom furniture and interior decoration, have given the facilities a complete facelift. Quality soap, towels and softer toilet paper are also among the many extra comforts available to a Cityloos user. Security is also a key part of this project – coin activated turnstiles were installed along with CCTV and panic alarms for Cityloos staff.

Results and Benefits

Our commitment to service standards at each site is reflected by our relationship with the British toilet association. We have independently contracted them to undertake mystery visits at each location four times a year. The service provided by Carlisle has resulted in our being awarded ‘Loo of the Year’ in 2011 for the public’s high quality perception of our facilities. Our exemplary cleaning and maintenance programme has been picking up accolades from the ‘Loo of the Year’ Awards each year. Westminster City Council sincerely believes it now has the best public toilet service in the UK. With more than one million visitors a day, Westminster has more tourists than any other city in the UK, with their public toilets being visited 15 million times a year.

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