Caring Passionately Winners 2018

Employee of the Year - Caring Passionately for All

Our annual Superstar Awards Ceremony brings our employees and suppliers together to celebrate the achievements of our remarkable Carlisle Superstars.

This much anticipated annual event, hosted by Managing Director, Paul Evans, enables us to show how truly grateful we are to have such outstanding employees here at Carlisle Support Services.

Our first Employee of the Year award is for those who have shown outstanding examples of Caring Passionately for all, this award is sponsored by JKE Security. This category recognises people who have gone above and beyond to protect the well-being of those who they work with and around, including our own employees, members of the public and our clients.

We would like to congratulate our winners Felix Adowah, Raja Mahmood and Afuwape Oshikoya who work on our IQ Student Accommodation contract.

A male resident was in cardiac arrest on the floor in his room.

Raja called an ambulance and was informed they would have to perform CPR. Under the guidance of the ambulance team, Felix began CPR until the medics arrived and took over.

The male was taken into hospital and made a full recovery.

Following the incident, the client sent an email thanking Raja, Felix and Afuwape on their quick response and lifesaving CPR.

2018 Caring Passionately for All Winners - Felix Raja and Afuwape

Employee of the Year - Caring Passionately for All

Felix Adowah, Raja Mahmood and Afuwape Oshikoya

Caring Passionately for All Runner Up 2018 - Brian Day

Runner up

Brian Day - Merseyrail

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