2018 Team of the Year Winners - Great Anglia

Superstar Awards 2018 - Team of the Year

Our Team of the year award, Sponsored by Crimestoppers, is to recognise the contribution that our front line and support teams make to their employers, their clients and their communities.

All our winners have demonstrated excellence and commitment to innovation, staff development and continual learning.

We wish a huge congratulations to our winners Abellio Great Anglia, these deserving winners have formed a great relationship with the client and shown ongoing innovation –

Alex Orr, Contract Manager said

It’s great to have won team of the year especially as the team was only formed 21 months ago, when we were successful in winning the Greater Anglia station cleaning work. Carlisle were given a totally blank canvas at the start of the contract as there were no TUPE’s brought across so everybody was new to Carlisle. Therefore it’s great to be recognised as a team already.
Team of the Year Winner - Abellio Greater Anglia

Team of the Year

Abellio Greater Anglia

Team of the Year 2018 Second Place - Portsmouth Ports and MMD Shipping

Second Place

Portsmouth Ports & MMD

Runner up of Team of the Year 2018 - WYCA

Runner up


Team of the Year 2018 runner up - Northern Rail

Runner up

Northern Rail

Team of the Year 2018 runner up - Ascot

Runner up


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