Coventry University

A degree of cleaning at Coventry University 

Coventry University Technology Park encourages and supports the start-up and development of innovation-led, high-growth, knowledge-based businesses. 

A 20 acre site comprising 14 unique dedicated business facilities, the Technology Park puts tenants in the heart of Coventry providing excellent access to the Midlands. Tenants vary from established businesses looking for university links to small start-ups taking advantage of University business guidance.

Our Involvement

The lion’s share of the cleaning takes place at in the client offices. The offices range from 17.3m2 to 804m2 (186ft2 to 8657ft2) and they currently house a wide range of clients from professors to 70 businesses including Mercedes and Jaguar.

We also tend to the hospitality and conference areas within the Technology Park. The park has 12 conference centres and they are used all year round. 

We carry out a 7 day operation at the Park with toilets, carpets and flooring targeted for deep cleans on a weekend during periods of reduced numbers on site. Our daily cleaning regime is mainly administered through the daytime and then in to the late evening. Again, operating during these silent hours when all the customers have left site, gives us the opportunity to be as diligent as possible when carrying out our cleaning.    

The cleaning has precipitately increased in the time we have been in partnership with the Technology Park, with new buildings being constructed and becoming live with new clients quickly then occupying them. This has meant we have to bolster our workforce quickly and grow with the park, whilst maintaining extremely high standards of cleanliness. 

Other areas that our responsibilities extend to are the Bistro which is the onsite university restaurant. The challenge of cleaning a restaurant that is used around the clock is obviously a very difficult one. However, through careful planning from our Account Manager and our dedicated workforce we have set and maintained an extremely high standard both in the front of house and the kitchen areas. 

We also clean the hi-tech Seminar Room where people hold conferences online and connect with a live audience using state of the art web-conferencing technology. The IT training suite which holds 10 computers, and a presentation booth and projector. The library, with over 350,000 books, which every tenant has access to day or night seven days a week. The conference facilities on the Technology Park with professional spaces fit for almost any purpose. Including, board level meetings, interviews, discussion groups, product launches, press conferences, exhibitions, conferences and training. Given that these rooms are used by existing tenants and the University’s prospective new customer’s cleanliness must be of the highest order at all times.