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Bowling a perfect delivery for the MCC

​​​Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) is the world’s most active cricket club and the guardian of the Laws of Cricket. 

Founded in 1787, MCC moved to its current home at Lord’s Cricket Ground in 1814. MCC plays around 500 matches a year against schools, universities and clubs in the UK as well as abroad, as part of its overseas touring programme which aims to develop cricket around the world. 

Carlisle has successfully delivered security and event services to MCC for over 20 years.


MCC needed security and event staff for the 2016 Lord’s Ashes test between England and Australia.


Carlisle provided a local pool of highly skilled and flexible staff to support the Lord’s in-house team for one of the highlights of the cricketing calendar at one of the world’s most iconic sporting venues, all while ensuring a level of customer service befitting a high-profile international event.

  • Search staff, hospitality services, a patrol response team, block teams, car park stewards and overnight security 
  • Active planning, coordination and involvement for the event 
  • Provision and management of equipment including head-cams, radios, Garrett search wands, vehicle search mirrors and Tensa retractable barriers 
  • A standby pool of staff to meet any additional requirements at short notice


  • Improved security and safety both to visitors to the ground and residents in the surrounding apartment blocks 
  • Outstanding hospitality for VIPs, the players and their families 
  • Noise managed to the required levels, maintaining a positive relationship with local residents 
  • Management of the flow of ground visitors and the general public through the area 
  • Efficient traffic management to ensure safe parking practices
  • Upholding of the brand image and ethos of the MCC and the Lord’s ground