Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Institute via Amey

Helping Amey to protect the vulnerable

​​Amey is one of the largest and most diverse companies working for the public and regulated sectors in the UK, with the ultimate aim of creating better places for people to live, work and travel.


Carlisle provides security services to 25 mental health institutions for Amey as part of their overall PFI initiative to Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Institute. We deliver static guarding to five key sites, namely Ashcroft, Mary Seacole, Newbridge, Highcroft and Northcroft. The remaining sites receive a mobile patrol and response service. The security service is of paramount importance due to the vulnerability of the patients within the buildings and the security threat from anyone unauthorised gaining access to buildings where patients are cared for.


As part of a comprehensive solution, we provide a full coverage range of security solutions to Amey. 

  • Manned guarding 
  • Gate manning 
  • Patrols (mobile) 
  • Out-of-hours security 
  • Car park security 
  • Portering service 
  • Alarm monitoring and response 
  • CCTV monitoring


Carlisle restructured the service from a static delivery model to a mixed model that included both static and mobile service delivery. This was in response to cost saving requirements. To achieve this, we undertook a complete process of restructuring, which increased the flexibility of our service provision, whilst reducing the budget by 15%.