The tools to successful returns for Einhell

Einhell develops and sells solutions for the handyman and tradesman for home, garden and recreational use.​​ ​


Einhell products are stocked in Homebase stores across the UK. As with many powertool suppliers Einhell faced the challenge of managing their customer returns process and were keen to ensure they did not pay credits on returns they could not collect from stores. They therefore required a regular visit to each store and a robust system that could confirm collection or non collection of store returns requests.


Carlisle Retail visit every DIY store in the UK on a four-weekly cycle, ensuring we capture every product on a 30 day cycle. Our teams match them to the requested returns the retailer has submitted to the supplier. All collections and non collections are then shown live on our intranet site. Einhell were able to work with the retailer to identify the stores that had requested credits but could not locate the items in store, which negated the credit and ensured both parties had up to date returns stock levels.


Einhell not only gained a regular visit to each store that greatly improved returns visibility but saw an immediate reduction in the credits they were issuing back to the retailer, creating a major saving.