Hilco Capital

No challenge too great for Carlisle Retail

The Food Retailer Group is a subsidiary of Hilco Capital, who specialise in retail re-structuring projects. In June 2016 they acquired 36 Co-op stores and worked with Booker converting them to the Budgens brand.


Hilco set the target of converting all 36 stores in a five week period and faced the challenge of doing this with limited in-store staff and central expertise. The goal was to turn each store around in just four days!


At a rate of seven stores per week Hilco required 160 personnel to complete the project, led by highly skilled Grocery Team Leaders and Grocery Merchandisers. 

Carlisle Retail put together teams of merchandisers across the UK, along with a small percentage of locally resourced staff in each location to deliver the conversions. Our teams remained consistent throughout the project, ensuring we maintained the quality and standards required. 


The project was delivered on time to brief with 36 stores converted in five weeks and by using Carlisle Retail, Hilco were given time to recruit and train store staff ready for the opening. By supplying highly knowledgeable Team Leaders, Hilco and Booker were able to manage their own resources sensibly and ensure their business as usual was not impacted.