Mersey train provider rails against antisocial behaviour

Merseyrail is a train operating company and commuter rail network in Merseyside. It is formed of two electrified lines of the National Rail network, known as the Northern Line and the Wirral Line, which run underground in central Liverpool. 

The Merseyrail network has 67 stations and 75 miles of route, of which 6.5 miles are underground. Carrying approximately 110,000 passengers each weekday and 34 million passengers per year, it is one of the busiest railway networks in the UK. 

Carlisle has been at the heart of the Merseyrail security and enforcement solution to its customer for the past decade.


With increasing levels of antisocial behaviour across the network, Merseyrail was keen to improve the safety and security of its services with a robust and flexible policing service.


Carlisle provides a full enforcement service to every station on the Merseyrail network, including high visibility patrolling and bylaw enforcement. This includes a total security and enforcement solution:

  • Static and mobile patrolling, a rapid response service and station and depot security
  • Officers trained to the Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme (RSAS) and in counter terrorism, weapons awareness and bylaw awareness
  • Body-worn cameras for enforcement support


  • 75% reduction in staff assaults in three years 
  • 31% reduction in vandalism 
  • 60% reduction in passenger assaults 
  • Over 1,000 bylaw infringement prosecutions in the first three months of operation 
  • Significant improvement in passenger safety and security 
  • Increased revenue along targeted routes 
  • Maintenance of ticket vending machines, reducing Merseyrail costs by over £90,000 
  • Significant reduction in crime and antisocial behaviour 
  • Passengers feeling safer than ever before, with Merseyrail achieving a 95% customer satisfaction level
  • Increased levels of cleanliness across the network 
  • Significant improvement in the quality of information given to passengers, helping to improve journeys