Exceptional Vegetation and Landscaping Services

Introducing our new service line offering professional vegetation and landscaping management services.

The impact of the disruption caused by trees and vegetation on major infrastructure is generally accepted as the single most inherent risk to maintaining services and public safety for those with responsibility for power network infrastructures, urban streetscapes, rural easements, parks and reserves, and public buildings. Implementing and maintaining effective, efficient, and sustainable vegetation management is a priority.

Vegetation management is about balancing the reduction of potential risks while minimising environmental disturbance. It requires the development of specialised management strategies that take into consideration many factors such as climate, terrain, vegetation species, local laws and regulations, safety, the environment, and sustainability. Professional vegetation management aims to ensure nature, commercial infrastructures and the community exists in harmony.


Weed Control / Invasive Weed Management

There are many problematic non-native invasive species in the UK. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 contains a list of species within Schedule 9 that you could be prosecuted for planting or allowing to spread. There are also species that are not yet on the list, that cause real problems in gardens and on development sites such as horsetail and running bamboo varieties.

We offer an ongoing treatment program for dealing with invasive weeds to ensure eradication. Treatment is bespoke to the weed and the logistics of the site, allowing for the most cost effective and efficient service.

We can also support with:

  • • Grass Cutting and Moving
  • • Hedge Cutting and Maintenance
  • • Moss Removal and Treatment

Arboriculture Tree Work

Tree Surgery including reductions, lifting, and thinning, pruning, dead wooding, hazardous branch removal, pollarding, felling or storm damaged trees

Hedge Cutting including routine maintenance trimming, height restrictions, heavy cutbacks, hedge removals and light of sight clearance

Tree Falling including clear felling, section felling and dismantling

Emergency Tree Surgery including 24/7 call out, fallen tree clearance, removal of handing branches

Tree Tagging Knowing the condition of your trees is crucial to having a cost effective and efficient programme in place. Carlisle can offer bespoke tree tagging, mapping and maintenance programmes to ensure your property have a high finish look and remains safe at all times.

Site Clearance

Overtime, unmaintained sites lose their value and deteriorate.

With our specialist vegetation and waste removal teams, we can offer the highest level of finish to ensure your assets remain in the best condition possible.

Winter Preparations

We’re able to help organisations keep their sites fully operational after a heavy snowfall.
Our proactive and reactive services can offer snow clearance, ice melt and gritting solutions.

We are here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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