2020 Annual Superstar Winners – Promise Based Culture

20th February 2020

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Our Annual Superstar Awards Ceremony was created to bring our employees, suppliers and clients together to celebrate the amazing achievements of our extraordinary Carlisle Quarterly Superstars.

Hosted by our CEO Paul Evans, this highly anticipated annual event gives us the opportunity to really show how grateful we are to have such amazing employees at Carlisle.

Our next Employee of the Year award is for those who have displayed true dedication to our Promise Based Culture. Sponsored by Bunzl, this category was created to thank and recognise our employees that deliver on our promise based culture.

Please join us in congratulating our winner Ricky Bennett who works on our Arriva Rail London contract.

Ricky was a Senior Supervisor running a single site operation for Transport for London, before joining Carlisle and becoming our Contract Manager for ARL. With this role Ricky had to embark on a major service transition where all operatives changed their roles, eight additional staff were TUPE’d over and the contract also required an additional ten positions to be covered with just three weeks’ notice. During this time, Ricky was also tasked with mobilising a trial service which was a great success, and on top of this, Ricky had to continue his day-to-day role of managing the contract.

What impresses us most about Ricky is that he still has an eye on the future, with a plan and objectives for himself. Well done Ricky, you have a bright future ahead of you!

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