Covid-19 Client Information Notice

21st March 2020

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In light of the recent events escalation of CV-19, we thought it prudent to state our assurances around staff provision levels and what is reasonable to expect in the current environment.

Carlisle Support Services, like any other organisation, prides itself on the calibre of staff it provides and the service they provide. All our staff are human beings and thus subject to contracting CV19. We work in high pressure, high footfall locations so they face exposure to the virus. 

We face an unprecedented set of circumstances that are bringing nations to a standstill and taking material proportions of the operating population of Britain out of use – without notice and without readily quantifiable return dates. This makes delivering seamless operations extremely difficult and impossible to predict. 

What are we doing about it?

Carlisle believes that as a responsible supplier we need to follow the government’s advice to facilitate the isolation for the good to stem the spread of CV19.

Health and Safety

We are issuing, from our HSQE Team through our Clientshare and Workplace platforms, regular updates on the advice and measures we are taking as a business. Copies of these can be made directly available to avoid confusion or delay and are available on our company website.

These are being re-enforced locally by Contract Managers and supervision in collaboration with client procedures where communicated.

Management Access Options

Some clients have requested non-essential personnel to remain away from the site, but we are keeping operational contact and management presence via facilitating Microsoft Teams reviews enabling virtual face to face contact where needed to keep service going.

Staff Levels and Operational Output

Carlisle has devised a 6-phase action list for contracts in order to create a sustainable way forward:

  • Business as Usual – no staff are affected, and the operation runs as smoothly
  • Extended staffing levels – in this situation we are working with clients to identify suitable ways forward to provide additional staff including the use of subcontracted labour
  • Staffing reductions – if operations are reducing the labour they require then we are looking to redeploy staff to other operations in the short term to: 
    1. Ensure valuable staff receive a chance to earn a living and not seek employment elsewhere
    2. Provide other clients with additional resources whilst other clients need less
  • Use of Subcontract Labour – we will use our existing subcontract labour network to tap into to ensure continuity of service
  • Emergency Operational Reviews – in such unprecedented times we are encouraging the use of a more collaborative approach to create more pragmatic ways to deliver service. Are all roles in need of a specialist qualification? Could they be reclassified? Are they an absolute necessity – can they be stood down and other temporary measures put into place? Each operation needs to be evaluated on its own merit to balance risk and operational impact
  • Temporary Suspensions – Again we are reviewing with some clients the impacts of this e.g. Sporting venues, entertainment venues. Can we redeploy their resources elsewhere geographically in the meantime?

What next?

We believe the above offers an overview of the issues we face in the delivery of service in the current operating climate. We would be happy to discuss in further detail any of the above and work to achieve a more sustainable way forward in these unprecedented times. 

The solution here needs to be collaborative as in effect we face a labour market that is contracting in double-digit percentage numbers for up to 2 weeks without notice and client needs are increasing. We need to work together to find a solution to this.

If you feel we have missed something, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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