Deep Cleaning Strategy Enhances Station Environment with Minimal Impact on Passenger Flows

29th September 2023

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Carlisle Support Services in partnership with train operating companies are conducting station deep cleans during rail strikes to minimise costs and improve cleanliness and hygiene without further service disruptions.

Conducting full on station deep cleans can be near impossible during day times given the high passenger footfall. Respecting the public is of paramount importance, therefore, providing cleaning services that fit in and around the overall movement of people often results in out-of-hours tasks for such operations, including high-level and deep cleaning work.

West Midlands Trains, Avanti West Coast and Greater Anglia have maximised station usage by commissioning Carlisle Support Service to conduct deep cleans during rail strikes and put the unwanted station downtime to good use for improved passenger experiences. The stations have benefited from end-to-end cleaning including but not limited to:

  • Jet-washing pavements and the building entrance area
  • Deep cleaning all floor areas
  • High-level vacuuming in all areas
  • Gum removal on platforms and stairs
  • Window cleaning to the front entrance and canopy
  • Deep cleaning all signage both high and low across the station
  • Deep cleaning all lifts and washrooms
  • Cleaning and polishing glass areas
  • Sanitisation of all areas.

Having open access to large floor areas, usually occupied by passengers and staff, allows for more generous fluids to be used and time to work on problem areas, therefore, generating much better results which have been widely acknowledged. Having gained much visibility, the model is now being adopted by other train operating companies across the network.  

Carlisle Support Services’ Director of Rail Strategy Steve Cere said:

“As an integrated supplier of choice to the UK rail network, we always look to deliver sustainable service innovations and operating efficiencies for the greater benefit of the industry. Conducting deep cleans, normally taking place at night, during unwanted disruptions such as rail strikes helps minimise costs and improve station cleanliness.”

Carlisle works with 15 of the UK train operating companies and employs over 2,300 dedicated staff across the full spectrum of rail disciplines, working collaboratively with UK Train Operating Companies to support the delivery of sustainable world class rail transport.

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