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30th October 2023

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Huge congratulations to Joana Amoh for winning the Rail Person of the Year award sponsored by Inspire (Structures) Ltd at the RailStaff Awards. Having saved three lives and supported numerous passengers being reunited with missing items while travelling, she couldn’t be more deserving if this award!

Since joining our Arriva Rail London (ARL) security team in 2020, having moved from the events team, Joana has not only taken pride in her duties but has shown a professional approach and built great relationships with her colleagues and the client to support us in delivering a world-class service.

During her time with Carlisle, Joana has faced many challenges which resulted in her saving three lives, along with supporting passengers being reunited with missing items while travelling and as one would imagine receiving positive praise and feedback from the client and customers.

Joana is also known for being a great seamstress and has spent many hours creating her own designs in clothing. As a result, in 2022 Joana was approached by ARL management to make covers for the validators at stations along the Network. The covers they had at the time were no longer fit for purpose and were due a replacement.

Taking on board the request and setting out with ideas to achieve a style that would look good and fit well Joana started to make the covers in her own time. Having used recycled uniform jackets that ARL normally uses for mattress making, Joana made a total of nine covers to place on validators along the network.

The covers can currently be found at the Seven Sisters and White Hart Lane stations. If you do see any of them along the network this is Joana’s great work!

Joana not only went the extra mile to support our client but ensured the station looks presentable for passengers.

Carlisle along with ARL previously recognised her achievement and Joana was awarded a Core of Carlisle voucher, flowers, and chocolates and has also received a quarterly Superstar nomination. ARL management has subsequently expressed how grateful they were to Joana.

Well done Joana, we are extremely proud of you! Congratulations to her line manager Louise Harrison for previously rewarding Joana and submitting her nomination. They were both accompanied at the awards by Simon Pratt, Managing Director, Yolande Collins, Operations Manager, and John Angel, Head of Operations, to celebrate the achievements of people across the rail industry.

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