Announcing Innovation Lab 2024 Speakers & Delegates

31st January 2024

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Now best known for being a popular TV personality, regularly found on Sky News and Question Time, John steps onto the main stage to share his personal story and provide invaluable insight into achieving peak performance, maximising success and performing under pressure. Join his session to find out more about facilitating equal opportunities and achieving outstanding results from your teams.

As a former Microsoft leader, business transformation expert and international keynote speaker, Allister steps on the main stage to deliver tangible strategies to help you make the most of upcoming innovations. Join his session for an upbeat outlook for the future and his powerful ‘ReadyAlready! Cycle’ to cultivate a future-ready mindset for long-term growth and success.

As an international keynote speaker and positive habits teacher, Kat joins us to share her experience in helping organisations around the world empower employee growth and well-being. Join her session to find out how small changes could make significant improvements in overall employee well-being, job satisfaction and performance.

Having driven Martyn’s Law alongside Figen Murray with over 30 years of police experience in counter-terrorism, security at the UK Parliament, criminal investigations, and crisis management, Nick joins us to provide invaluable insight into keeping publicly accessible locations safe and secure. Following the King’s Speech which set out the government’s legislative and policy proposals for the forthcoming parliamentary session, Nick will provide an update on the development of Martyn’s Law, how it impacts businesses, and provide the insights you need to prepare for upcoming changes.

Phil, Shaun, Kate, and Ian step on the main stage as senior representatives from leading organisations and associations to explore people-based trends to keep an eye out for over the coming years. This aims to deliver an open conversation and tangible advice to senior representatives and leaders from other organisations of various sizes who want to keep ahead of the curve.

ESG – The Social Agenda of the Future | Exploring workable solutions to the challenges ESG faces within people and product-based organisations. 

Metrics Matter, Purpose Counts | How women navigate their work in the security industry with tips and thought leadership for all regarding women in the workplace. 

Panel Discussion – The Changing Landscape of Security | Strategies and tools for inspiring the next generation and motivating future leaders, whilst considering skills, legislation, and pay gaps. 

Rail Security – Safeguarding the Customer Experience | Discussing the different approaches made by the industry and balancing the need to make the environment secure whilst maintaining a positive experience for the majority of customers. 

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