Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene: Closed Loop Recycling Solution

5th February 2024

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Packaging waste continues with few services available to re-use containers and reduce the demand of virgin plastic being made for product packaging. There was no current closed-loop initiative available for customers to implement into their business, to reduce their plastic consumption and increase CO2 savings in the supply chain.

Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies (BCHS) in partnership with 2Pure have developed and launched the OdorBac Tec4 LoopBoxTM. 2Pure Products’ OdorBac Tec4 is now delivered in the LoopBoxTM, an innovative step towards generating a circular economy, keeping materials in use for longer, and reducing the waste and carbon emissions associated with a linear economy.

By supplying the 5-litre bottles of concentrated OdorBac Tec4 in clearly marked, reusable boxes, customers are able to place empty bottles back into the LoopBoxTM and once full, request a collection by 2Pure’s exclusive UK distributor Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies.

Our drivers then collect the LoopBoxes containing the empty bottles for their next delivery and return them to our branches where they are consolidated onto pallets ready for 2Pure to backhaul following their delivery to a BCHS branch. Once back at their premises, 2Pure sorts, cleans and dries the bottles which are then refilled, re packed into a LoopBoxTM, and redelivered to our depots, returning the containers to the closed-loop cycle.

The LoopBoxTM system enables us to keep containers in use for longer, reducing the need for new bottles to be manufactured and the volume of plastic being sent for recycling, instead reusing OdorBac’s 100% recycled plastic bottles and the LoopBox™ again and again. No additional journeys are made for collection or delivery, and 2Pure also offsets the carbon on all its scheduled delivery and collection journeys. Consequently, this all contributes to the prevention of unnecessary carbon emissions.

Customers can see their plastic and CO2 savings every month, in a customised report. So far, we have collected 5,438 LoopBoxes from our customers since the start of August 2022, meaning that 21,752 5-litre containers have been diverted from the waste stream and are on their way back through the supply chain to be refilled and redistributed again.

Together, 2Pure and BCHS have helped to keep 3.4 tonnes of plastic in use, which removes the need for the fuel and energy required to reprocess these materials and prevents an estimated 4 tonnes of carbon from being emitted to manufacture new bottles.

We anticipate that the volume will continue to grow as the new LoopBoxTM branded boxes go out to our customers, clearly directing the end user to how they can access the LoopBoxTM system.

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