Excel Parking: Helping the Customer’s Train Journey Experience

1st February 2024

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Under a new contract, the client chose to implement a new, more customer-centric, model of operation. This included the Train Operator being in full control of the service with the ability to align parking more closely with their customer’s train journey experience.

The client also wanted to recognise the importance of protecting and reducing the abuse of valuable parking facilities, with a main focus on educating customers.

  • Deploy ANPR technology across all station sites
  • Linked to multi-channel charge parking services throughout
  • Supply, installation and management of payment terminals
  • Civil works and networking
  • Wholly cashless services
  • Branded Pay-by-Phone and other cashless parking services
  • Site patrols and ANPR management
  • Staff bay monitoring
  • Disabled bay monitoring
  • Utilisation and capacity reporting
  • Revenue and enforcement reporting
  • Signage supply and maintenance
  • Abandoned vehicle disposal
  • 24/7 call centre.

Cashless Payments: The equipment and services provided run entirely on card supporting both Chip & Pin and contactless, plus Apple Pay and Google Pay services.  Customers can pay for parking online, at a machine, via the Parking APP or where car parks are barrier controlled, customers can even pay at the exit lane barrier.

Environmental Responsibility: Ticketless solution to reduce the consumption of paper within the system. Customers use their vehicle registration throughout as their ticket, with the only paper used when a receipt is requested by the Customer.

Provision of Cashless Payment: Branded solution that was linked into the train operator’s website to allow the sale of parking via the APP and enabled users to book Train Tickets alongside their parking payments.

Enforcement Patrols: Excel Parking used the latest Android smart phone devices to carry out patrols with integrated hand held ANPR. Enabling us to report to the client the productivity of Patrol Officers in real-time.

Back-office Enforcement Support: We deployed our back-office Client portal providing the ability to check online the status and management of any PCN issued to a vehicle on any of the station car parks.

Provision of Debt Agency for Enforcement Escalation: We instigated a gradual step enforcement process, which started with the issue of polite customer focused warning notices, before escalating to the issue of a Parking Charge and escalating to debt and litigation services.

Provision of Customer Contact Centre: Access to our services and support team on a 24/7 basis via multi-channel communication with “Contact Us” and “Get In Touch” facilities through webchat, email and a dedicated helpline phone number.

  • Parking availability and where to park
  • Parking tariff queries and location details
  • Payment enquiries
  • Machine faults
  • Vandalism or crime reporting
  • PCN issuance
  • General service
  • Data protection and GDPR
  • Compliments and complaints.
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