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6th February 2024

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Drones Redefining Possibilities In the upcoming year, we anticipate that the adoption of drone technology will be hugely accelerated, with fully automated drone services available that can be remotely accessed from anywhere in the world. This innovative approach involves the deployment of drones for daily flights or even multiple flights per day, providing a real-time digital representation of your site that can be inspected and analysed from any location with an internet connection. This advancement eliminates the need to be physically present on site, enabling security, maintenance, and inspection projects to be quickly executed and the data immediately available. With perimeter security and intruder detection as one of the key applications, a dedicated drone system on a large facility removes the need for manual inspection and surveillance work, particularly at height. This reduces cost, risk, time, and resource, all of which means operations on site are completed safely and more efficiently.

Furthermore, this innovative solution enhances productivity by allowing tasks to be completed without individuals needing to be physically present on-site. The drone system can be accessed remotely from anywhere globally, further leading to cost savings, reduced time constraints, and minimised risks associated with on-site presence. Overall, the integration of drone technology in this manner represents a cutting-edge solution with far-reaching implications for diverse industries in the year ahead.

The surge in shoplifting and violence against frontline workers in sectors such as retail has become an alarming trend. Unfortunately, law enforcement appears ill-equipped or unable to respond adequately, contributing to a sense of ‘lawlessness.’ According to the BRC’s annual Crime Survey, incidents ranging from racial and sexual abuse to physical assault and threats with weapons have doubled, creating a pressing need for effective solutions. In response to this concerning trend, we have seen a noticeable increase in requests for our body worn cameras. These devices have a proven track record of reducing conflicts, enhancing personal safety, and facilitating criminal prosecutions by offering encrypted and tamper-proof video evidence.

Providing staff with body worn cameras can help diffuse situations, allow businesses to react faster in an emergency, record key events exactly as they took place and supplement other video, audio and eyewitness records. Body cameras have been proven to deter aggression and provide an independent account of incidents for frontline workers. But it’s not just retail workers who are facing situations where body cameras can make a difference. Law Enforcement, NHS frontline workers, care workers and teachers are also regularly in situations where they face disruption or aggression.

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