Sunbelt Rentals: Commitment to Sustainability

8th February 2024

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Going into 2024 sustainability continues to be a huge driver for the facilities management sector, with organisations looking at how they can integrate sustainable solutions across all aspects of their business. With ever-evolving technologies, keeping up with the dynamic landscape will continue to be a challenge.

Innovative technologies have significantly enhanced the sustainability of facilities, particularly in the area of cleaner energy solutions. With many facilities often requiring temporary power, equipment such as Battery Storage Units and Energy Management Systems help to reduce the reliance on traditional fuel powered generators whilst providing increased control over power consumption. In fact they’ve been proven to reduce generator run time by as much as 80% when integrated into a temporary power supply. This results in a significant reduction in carbon emissions, cost savings on fuel, and a decrease in noise pollution in local communities.

A further focus area for organisations will be centred around how they can continue to decarbonise their own transport and delivery fleets. This includes exploring the benefits and potential of electric vehicles, and identifying new ways to overcome the challenges that come with the adoption of any new technology. For larger estates looking at options such as e-bikes and cargo bikes may provide an alternative for moving people and light goods around site without any carbon emissions. However the industry must consider providing the infrastructure needed to run an electric fleet, even in remote locations.

At Sunbelt Rentals we have a clear purpose to transform lives and lead positive change in the rental industry, and we’re relentless in our commitment to finding better ways to overcome environmental challenges. One of the ways we’re doing this is by investing in equipment that utilises the latest technologies to help our customers to reduce their environmental impact by lowering their emissions.

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