Arriva Rail London (ARL)

ARL is a train operating company owned by Arriva UK Trains that operate the London Overground concession on behalf of Transport for London. It is a suburban rail network serving London and the surrounding districts, with 112 stations on nine different routes, it is complementary to the London Underground.

Our Involvement

Carlisle has worked supplied security personnel on the London Overground network since 2013. Our partnership with Arriva Rail London (ARL) is built on understanding their needs and having a flexible approach to meet ever-changing requirements. As a train operating company (TOC), ARL require their level of
ticketless travel to be below 3.5% throughout their expansive network. In 2013, the level of ticketless travel was at 6%, approx. 60,000 passenger journeys without a ticket. This is a large proportion of lost revenue and heavy fines can also be imposed by Transport for London for breaching the 5% threshold. As a result, ARL approached Carlisle to work together to promote a behavioural and culture change amongst its customers. Our services include:

Push back team

Required for stations on the network that have corridors too small for ticket barriers, where ticketless travel can occur. A team is typically two people and positioned just after the point of sale to check passengers starting their journey for a valid Oyster Card/ticket for their entire journey.

Revenue Security Officer (RSO)

Following the success of our Revenue Protection Solution, and the need to develop a wider security view of stations and passenger safety, we worked with ARL to develop this new role. An RSO has the primary function of ensuring the safety of all passengers and staff across the network, whilst ensuring all passengers have paid for their travel on any given day. Our officers patrol both stations and trains and have a flexible role that meets the needs of each location.

Revenue Security Inspector (RPI)

We currently provide RPI staff on the Gospel Oak line for the East, which includes the following duties:
• Checking tickets on the railway
• Patrolling the network
• Inspecting trains
• Helping customers on and off the train if help is needed
• Providing information/updates to passengers using the service
• issuing penalty fares.

Our Solution


Our staff undergo a 3-week training programme prior to commencing their roles, covering:
• Conflict Management
• Ticketless travel regulations and penalty issue criteria
• Customer service
• Dynamic risk assessment
• Body Cam use and regulations
• BTP Act training (Counter terrorism)
• Mercury device training.

Management of Key Issues

A primary objective for ARL is to reduce the occurrence of ticketless travel and drive up passenger perceptions of safety and personal security. The deployment of our officers was managed in conjunction with the client according to various intelligence sources. They were located in areas of high ticketless travel and trained on what to look for and how to deal with it. Having RSOs present on the Overground network also lowers the number of beggars trying to board trains or entering stations. The beggars are advised to go to the Whitechapel Mission, a day centre for the homeless where they can receive fresh food and support.

Results and benefits

From the setting of the above objectives and methodologies, our staff are trained to become proficient in network geography and ticketing procedures and protocols to enable them to effectively deal with ticketless travel effectively and professionally. A recent addition to the service has been to supply our officers with body cams, primarily this is to serve as a deterrent, but also is used to provide evidence for ARL if required. The approach our staff take is unique within revenue protection. It is not about the traditional heavy-handed approach to revenue protection based on confrontation and intimidation. This would not achieve the desired culture change. We are focussed on creating a relationship with the passengers to understand how they behave, as well as them accepting the message – travelling without a ticket is unacceptable. Out teams wear hi-vis jackets, are professional and courteous, and deliver a consistent message.

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