East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

In 2018 Carlisle were awarded a contract to provide security services to the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust. This includes security guarding services at Lister Hospital, Lister Treatment Centre, Lister Garden Centre, the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City and ad-hoc response service to Hertford County Hospital.

Our Involvement

Carlisle initially provided a core security team of seven officers supported by a dedicated team of two relief support staff in the delivery of the operations to the Trust. We now have a total of 12 staff dedicated to this contract in supporting the main site and any additional ad-hoc request made by the client. Since taking over the contract, an additional 84 hours have been added to the contracted hours permanently to support the Trust. As the security provider, our core responsibilities include:
• Vetting and training of Security Staff, in accordance with SIA
• Responding to all types of security incidents across the site(s)
• Scheduled patrols in agreement with the Trust
• Escort duties (i.e. walking staff to resident block or car park if requested)
• Responding to disaster, major incident, fire/building alarm activation
• Supervision of access and egress
• Incident reporting
• Crime prevention
• Lost property
• Out of hours support for security alarm activation
• Supporting the LSMS in security initiatives.


To ensure the smooth setup and ongoing performance of the contract, we assigned a dedicated mobilisation lead as well as a dedicated Regional Contract Manager, who is on site once a week. During mobilisation, Officers were issued with all correct PPE, including body cams, body armour, communication radios and branded uniforms – as shown in the photo below.

Regular Meetings

Client meetings, including customer temp checks, are held every month to discuss the monthly review pack, KPIs and any issues that may have been raised in the last month. Team meetings with staff take place on a monthly basis, with additional training on subjects such as conflict management training, mental health awareness, and the Work-IT system.



Mourad Badjou was our Superstar Runner-up due to his vigilance at Lister Hospital. Mourad spotted a female patient on the edge of level 10 of the multi-story car park. Once reported, security arrived and managed to pull her away from the railings and brought her safely into the staircase. Shortly after the Duty Marshall
and Police arrived. Mourad then organised a car to be sent to level 10 so the patient could be escorted safely back to the Aston Ward.

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