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Carlisle Support Services employs over 2,300 dedicated staff across the full spectrum of customer-facing roles, working collaboratively with 15 of the UK Train Operating Companies to support the delivery of sustainable world class rail transport.

Why we’re different

In delivering a unified and sustainable service for national consistency, we bring four core pillars at the forefront of tomorrow’s railway infrastructure:


Well-recruited and vetted staff, centrally trained with transparent virtual and physical performance management, ensuring clear career progression for optimal results and an overall engaged workforce.


Well-established processes and procedures with monthly KPI reviews, bi-annual best practice sharing sessions and bespoke contract management for optimal flexibility to market changes.


Providing easy to access real-time workflow management, labour analysis, insights and centralised operational reports for effective
communication and strategic direction.


Delivering a results-based approach with tangible ROI, economies of scale and regular reviews to continually add value and minimise revenue loss from fare evasion.

Addressing inefficiencies

Stations can often take a decentralised approach and duplicate services resulting in:

⮞ Multiple companies protecting revenue, providing customer service and dispatch

⮞ Multiple companies undertaking cleaning activities

⮞ A further organisation delivering security, mobility assistance and customer information

This in turn requires several layers of management which creates inefficiencies and drives up cost.

With the common goal of seeing the industry and those within thrive as passengers experience unrivalled levels of service, Carlisle further develops an all-encompassing service to deliver efficiencies, improve service and optimise revenue.

Working with 15 train operating companies puts Carlisle Support Services in an unrivalled position to support change and deliver the future of rail.


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How we work

Our consultative-based approach ensures the delivery of bespoke solutions that maximise revenue, streamline data and optimise operational efficiencies.

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