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25th September 2023

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At Carlisle Support Services, we believe that growth is not just a company goal – it’s a personal journey and career progression for each member of our Carlisle family. In 2022, our recruitment team saw 20% of our salaried operational and central vacancies taken up by individuals from within our own ranks. That’s one in five vacancies, a commendable achievement that showcased the potential and talent within our business.

However, being a company that’s committed to developing exceptional people, we set our sights a little higher at the start of this year: to increase the ratio to 25%, or one in four, by the close of 2023, a positive but realistic step in the right direction.

By the end of July 2023, we are very pleased to share that we currently sit at an impressive 48% of our salaried operational and central vacancies secured by members of the Carlisle family. That’s almost half – a testament to the extraordinary talent, dedication, and enthusiasm that our family bring to our business.

This achievement isn’t just about numbers though, it’s about stories of growth, transition, and career advancement. We’ve seen individuals transitioning from hourly paid positions into permanent roles. We’ve seen team members seamlessly moving between teams and even divisions, showcasing the diverse skill set and adaptability that defines Carlisle family members. Many of these journeys have led to well-deserved promotions, proving that when you’re a part of Carlisle, your potential knows no bounds.

What are your career ambitions? What’s the next step on your path of growth with Carlisle? Make sure to stay tuned to our Job Search page and catch ‘We are Carlisle’ every Friday – your gateway to exploring new opportunities within the family.

Career progression
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