DTS Solutions: Secure Communications for Tesco Guards

31st January 2024

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The retail sector in the UK is faced with an ever-evolving set of challenges. At the forefront of these challenges is the abuse of staff, with the British Retail Consortium stating that more than 400 of these incidents are reported every single day. With over 2800 stores, Tesco has successfully implemented a Guarding Transformation programme across the UK, with new procedures, investment in training for all officers, and cutting-edge technology being deployed to support Tesco colleagues and prioritise their safety.

As part of this Transformation, Tesco has invested in a communication solution that allows Security Officers and Colleagues in Tesco stores to communicate with Mobile Security Officers in the event of an incident or for any Security support. Beginning in 2021, Tesco engaged with DTS.Solutions (U.K) to deploy two-way radios that operate securely over cellular data networks such as 3G and 4G.

Two-way radio provides the simplicity and power of instant, push-to-talk communication to a whole group of radio users at once, meaning Security Officers and Store Colleagues can request support at the push of a button. Entel DN495 cellular radios operate anywhere there is 3G or 4G on any of the UK’s major phone networks, so there is practically no limitation in range – allowing personnel to communicate across cities, counties or the whole country. As well as communicating with their Mobile Security Officers, the Entel DN495 radios can be used to inform other nearby Tesco stores of abusive customers, shoplifters and local intelligence.

Following several successful trials in the South East, North West and London, DTS worked with Tesco’s Guarding Service providers (such as Carlisle Support Services) to roll out a fleet of over 3000 Entel DN495 cellular radios. A radio was issued to every single Tesco store and Mobile Security Officer. Alongside this, DTS provide Tesco with comprehensive support for the solution, including all key programming updates and a radio replacement service.

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